Paramedics in Idaho – Ep. 9

What is the No. 1 reason people call the paramedics in Ada County and Canyon County? 

Falls or tumbles from ladders and roofs result in the most 911 calls in the valley. In this week’s episode of The Healthcare Podcast, Peder Humlen-Ahearn and Dan Bates talk about stats, best and worst days on the job, training requirements, the need for more funding sources and how innovative new technology can help save people suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. They also share updates on a Community Paramedics Program that can prevent needless visits to local emergency rooms and provide better care for patients in their homes. Since the founding of EMS in the 1960s, Humlen-Ahearn and Bates are proud that paramedics and EMTs have become a vital component in the delivery of healthcare in the Treasure Valley.


The Healthcare Podcast hosted by Dr. John Kaiser and health advocate Linsy Heiner aims to uncover the myths of modern healthcare, to help families discover cost transparency, improved access, and innovation.

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