Teen Vaping: Doctor’s Perspective – S2E1

What is Vaping? How much do you think you know about vaping? How bad is vaping for us really? Can you pick out vape devices that people use? Do you know the difference between PG versus VG Vape Juice?  All of these questions and more answered in a 30 minute breakdown of a Doctor’s Perspective on Teen Vaping. 

Whether you think your kids have or have not vaped, this episode is still very important for you to listen to. The rates of increase in vaping that we have observed in teenagers actually surpasses anything that we have seen in the past, which is basically highlighting that vaping has basically been embraced very, very promptly by teenagers. This means there is a good chance that your kids have been exposed to vaping, potentially offered a vape before and maybe have even tried it once before. 

Our guest is Dr. Benjamin M. Tippets, DO is a Pediatric Pulmonologist in the Boise, Idaho area. 


The Healthcare Podcast hosted by Dr. John Kaiser and health advocate Linsy Heiner aims to uncover the myths of modern healthcare, to help families discover cost transparency, improved access and innovation.

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