Saltzer Health and BVA with Ed Castledine – Ep. 1

A new Healthcare Podcast hosted by Dr. John Kaiser and health advocate Linsy Heiner aims to uncover the myths of modern healthcare, to help families discover cost transparency, improved access, and innovation.

In this introductory episode, we learn more about Dr. Kaiser and meet Ed Castledine, CEO of Saltzer Health, and learn about a new vision for Saltzer Health to bring innovation, choice and cost transparency to healthcare in the Treasure Valley.

Dr. Kaiser is a former IBM engineer who moved to Idaho 20 years ago after completing his medical training. He is a practicing OB/GYN and CEO of Saltzer Health Clinics. Ed is a former St. Luke’s leader whose passion for population health started on childhood trips with his mother, a nurse, to visit her home health care patients in Nampa.

While the cost of health care is very complex, Dr. Kaiser wants to focus on preventing illnesses and redirecting resources to care for people who are very sick. He sees opportunities to cut overhead costs and help patients understand what they can do to make it less costly. 

At Saltzer Health, primary care is the foundation for a patient’s health care. When people can’t get an appointment to see their doctor, their problems become more acute and it escalates the cost. Referrals for specialty care services are made when it is the most cost-effective and efficient for the patient. 

Ed Castledine said that Saltzer Health is developing a plan to prevent expensive hospital visits and do more surgery in outpatient centers. And because most Idahoans can’t afford their out-of-pocket health care expenses, Saltzer Health will be more transparent about the costs of procedures by making rates public,  using high-tech tools and working with insurance companies. Working together, these resources will enable Saltzer Health patients to compare costs and make educated fiscal decisions about their healthcare.

Dr. Kaiser and Ed believe this most integrated approach will enable physicians to build trust with patients. Not only will doctors provide quality care, but they will also help patients better understand the financial impacts of their healthcare decisions.

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