Life-changing Research – Dr. Aguilar – Ep. 8

New Podcast episode! Life-changing research is being done right here in the Treasure Valley.

In this episode of The Healthcare Podcast, Dr. Aguilar and colleagues Melanie Buchanan and Stacy Gonzales talk about Saltzer Health Research projects. Dr. Richard Aguilar and Dr. Stanley Stringam are Co-Medical Directors for Saltzer Health Research. They, along with other dedicated colleagues, have completed more than 90 clinical trials since 2000 helping Saltzer Health develop a national reputation for excellence in research. A long time Saltzer Health Pediatrician, Dr. Aguilar has been a champion of clinical trials that have helped advance medical treatment of patients affected by Rotavirus, HPV, Phenumococcal Disease and many more. Currently, he is engaged in a new infant vaccine trials for RSV, Meningitis B and Pneumococcal Disease. Dr. Stringam, Internal Medicine Physician, is currently conducting and has completed many trials involving diabetes, kidney disease and high cholesterol. Other recruiting studies include insomnia, maternal RSV and influenza.


The Healthcare Podcast hosted by Dr. John Kaiser and health advocate Linsy Heiner aims to uncover the myths of modern healthcare, to help families discover cost transparency, improved access, and innovation.

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