How to Eat Healthy and Eat Locally – The Healthcare Podcast – Ep. 10

We all try and commit to eating healthier food at points in our life… but sometimes it can be really hard!  

With little time to prepare healthy meals, sometimes it’s easier to make a

quick stop for a high-calorie snack than to shop for an apple or a banana. What can we do to

eat more fruits and vegetables? In this week’s episode, Pohley Richey, a longtime local

registered dietitian and Nampa farmer Janie Burns talk about the benefits of locally grown food,

farmer’s markets, the Idaho Preferred program and how to prepare healthy meals.

As a nutrition coach at PIVOT by KA and instructor at the Boise Urban Garden School, Richey

teaches kids and adults new ways to look at food. She helps families “demystify cooking” and

learn how to make zucchini roll-ups, striped beet chips and delicious crispy broccoli roasted in

olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Janie Burns is a member of the Treasure Valley Food Coalition and leader in the Boise Farmer’s

Market. She says that farmers are educators, too. They gladly offer advice about their seasonal

produce, how to cook locally grown meat and encourage kids to plant their own vegetables.

She also helps address barriers in neighborhoods where healthy food is just not accessible. To

meet the needs of these “food deserts,” Burns has advocated for mobile market programs that

deliver healthy food to people with transportation challenges.

Burns and Richey believe that healthcare providers can help their patients make healthy food

choices. Nationwide, more physicians are writing prescriptions for kids and adults to buy fruits

and vegetables.

Tune into the podcast to learn more about how to inspire people to make the healthy choice the easy choice.


The Healthcare Podcast hosted by Dr. John Kaiser and health advocate Linsy Heiner aims to uncover the myths of modern healthcare, to help families discover cost transparency, improved access, and innovation.

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