Family Physical and Mental Health with Wendy Siegersma – Ep. 3

Raised on a dairy farm by immigrant parents, Dr. Wendy Siegersma developed an interest in medicine as a child during visits to an orthopedist for a club foot. Her mother, a former nurse, further nurtured her dream for a career in health care. “I just thought it was a wonderful way to interact with people and to help people,” says Dr. Siegersma, a 20-year family practice physician at Saltzer Health. Siegersma takes pride in building trust and relationships with her patients and she understands the importance of getting to know her their medical histories and treating mind and body. In this how to stay healthy – from childhood into your twilight years. She recommends staying active, eating healthy and visiting the doctor regularly for wellness checks and immunizations. Diet, exercise, medication management, and family history are all key pieces of the health puzzle. Dr. Siegersma is proud that Saltzer Health is integrating behavioral health into clinic visits, particularly for teens and young adults. Addressing mental health issues early can impact the health of her patients.

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